Delivering BI to Digital Savings


Hodge Bank is a lending and savings bank, headquartered in Cardiff and has been dedicated to serving its customers in the UK since 1987. With a mixture of both consumer and commercial savings and lending products, the bank is on a mission to provide a uniquely personal service, putting customers at the centre of everything they do.

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Delivering license free data for a charity


Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. The charity needed a solution to deliver data from the field, back to the field. As an international NGO, it collects massive amounts of data from all around the world, in some cases having more information about a country that its own government.

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Providing Business Intelligence for Daptiv and Changepoint customers


Our Client CQC Solutions provide Project Portfolio Management and Business Process Management consultancy to a wide range of businesses. They are experts in leading programme and project management tools such as, Daptiv PPM, Changepoint PPM, CA-PPM (Clarity PPM & RAD), IT-ROI and MS Project and offer a full range of project management office services Out-of-the-Box.

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Providing On-line Training & Support for our Customers


Many Customers are new to Cognos. Generic report templates are provided by vendors but most customers wish to learn how to be self-sufficient in editing & creating their own reports specific to their company. Hiring in experts to create & edit reports can be expensive and not always necessary as a solid understanding of the business is normally more valuable than pure technical ability.

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Delivering a 360 view for a Global Publishing Company


Parragon Books Ltd., an International publishing company had grown rapidly. With a design team in the UK, Print & Production in China and regional sales offices globally, getting an accurate, up to date view of their sales, stock and distribution channels was critical. This combined with point of sale data allowed for a dynamic stock management system. Furthermore, there was a strategic and operational need to access management reporting; this would enable informed decision making regarding the profitability of publications and determining the most effective distribution channels.

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