We appreciate that having a developer placed with you on a contract basis, as is the classic model of recruitment agencies, comes with hidden overheads.  You need someone to manage their time, possibly a project manager, maybe a business analyst and almost certainly an escalation point. Often, what seems like a silver bullet to your problem can turn into an expensive episode you’d rather not repeat.  Enter the managed service. Rather than buy-in a single resource, we’ll provide you with a service that comprises all of the skills you’d need to deliver an data and analytics solution but without the price of having those people on-site. For example, you could have two developers with different but complementary skills, a solutions architect, business analyst, test manager, project manager and data scientist for your project.  However, rather than having to pay for seven people, we’d manage time to ensure you only pay for resources when they are actually delivering value rather than simply occupying a chair: it’s a full service team without the cost overhead.


This is the classic domain of data and technology companies and we are no different.  We’ve been delivering development solutions for years and will continue to do so. Put simply, we’ve buckets of experience here and we’re very good at it.  Covering the breadth of technologies you’d expect along with the emerging trends you perhaps may not be as familiar with, we will partner with you to understand what you need and how best to deliver it for you.  As well as the technical innovation and quality of our builds, we also pride ourselves on being there for you long after the solution has gone live to help with enhancements, training or further development.


To us training is all about accessibility.  Put another way, its ensuring that a technical solution can be used to its optimum by people who are comfortable with it and who see the benefits it brings.  We believe that without that adoption, any solution has failed to maximise its potential.

There are various approaches to successful environmental adoption and probably the most well known is training which we can provide and deliver in a variety of channels to support how you operate.  We can do this remotely or on-site. We can deliver webinars / videos for you to play back and use at your convenience or if you prefer, we can build out a comprehensive training manual. Alternatively, if you’d like something less structured, we can workshop a day with your team to understand the training needs and meet them in an agile way onsite.


We can structure this flexibly around what you need with hours that roll over into the following month and even some free time thrown in to get you over the line.  We like to be inobtrusive – so we can do this remotely if you prefer for a discounted cost. Something about resource neutral – we’ll invest time to how your business / domain works so you wont constantly be xxx to answer question – this is true value add – no strings.  

In practice, we’d have a discussion about what you want by way of support, then we’d agree how you’d like it delivered and work out a price.  You can engage with us on an ad-hoc basis or by buying in a block of hours per month.

We cover a range of technologies : Oracle, business objects and Microsoft to name but a few.  In fact, we’re pretty confident that within our developer network there is no piece of software out there we cant support so please, drop us a note and give us a challenge.


We have an extensive resource network who between them, have countless years of experience across a range of industries.  We’re confident that if you need advice, we can deliver what you need. One size most definitely does not fit all, so an initial call will be to determine the nature of your requirement and then we can get the right big brained technical person to provide the right level of advice, be that over the phone, in a document or at the front of the room on a flipchart.  

Consultancy advice is often a precursor to a longer engagement but again, it does have to and if all you’re looking for is some expertise on the right software to use or some pointers on implementing an information governance policy, we’re more than happy to help.

To us, clarity of delivery is essential so we’ve set out below some examples of what our consultancy could deliver for you:

  • Visualisation workshop

  • Data standards policy

  • Data architecture with physical model

Drop us a mail at or a call on 0117 287 2547

to find out more on how we can help