Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility of maintaining and anticipating the need for a range of processes and functions to improve operations and reduce expenses. This service enables you to scale your IT team, we can provide the expertise and resources.


We can help you optimise your data.  Giving you a greater understanding of your data and how you acquire, store, manage and share that data.  The right data strategy can help you grow your business.


Our solutions are designed to get your data management right fast. It generates applications that combine data integration, data quality, and master data management (MDM) to deliver information from one single trusted source, which can be hosted in the cloud or on premise.  With our team of data management consulting experts to support with swift installation, we can reduce the time taken to complete a typical project.


We can help your organisation understand which data is collected and how it is integrated and stored, including delivering Enterprise Data Warehouses. From there we can demonstrate how our bespoke data architecture solution both cloud and on-premises can benefit your business.

Our expert team of data architects can guide you through the process, ensuring that we use the best technology and solution to suit your organisation. Including Microsoft Azure SQL data warehouse, IBM Cloud Data Warehouse, and other technology solutions.


Data Analytics can be used to help your organisation significantly improve the understanding of your business performance. By taking your raw data and making it easier to consume, Data Analytics can help you to make better-informed decisions to ultimately grow and drive your business forward.

Regardless of which technology you choose, focused dashboards, timely reports and self-service analysis are key business drivers and metrics for all users.  We use a range of technologies to meet your individual business needs.


Data science for businesses, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can empower your organisation to make faster, better, and deeper business decisions; enabling you to predict probability with confidence.

Most organisations in the UK have access to huge amounts of data, which if used effectively, can derive meaningful business insights. With Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Services your organisation has the ability to automate ever-increasing data streams, thus enabling timely insights to improve your company’s decision-making processes. The result: data-driven business decisions made through real-time learning.  We can help you unlock the value of your data.


Visual Dashboards are the perfect solution for helping you to understand what is happening within your organisation. Using multiple sources of data, visual dashboards and reports can help you to make better and faster business decisions.  Our team of data analytics and visualisation experts can work closely with your organisation to set you up with visual dashboards that simplify complex data prep and analysis, using technologies such as Microsoft and IBM to find the best solution for your company.


The key to success is being able to effectively plan, budget, and forecast. Many organisations still rely on spreadsheets that are tricky to use and may not meet the needs of the business.

We are experts in several technologies and can help you align your financial processes.

Our team of Data Consultants can work closely with your organisation, choosing the best planning, budgeting, and forecasting technology solution for your company.


To us training is all about accessibility.  Put another way, it’s ensuring that a technical solution can be used to its optimum by people who are comfortable with it and who see the benefits it brings.  We believe that without that adoption, any solution has failed to maximise its potential.

There are various approaches to successful environmental adoption and probably the most well known is training which we can provide and deliver in a variety of channels to support how you operate.  We can do this remotely or on-site.  We can deliver webinars / videos for you to play back and use at your convenience or if you prefer, we can build out a comprehensive training manual.  Alternatively, if you’d like something less structured, we can workshop a day with your team to understand the training needs and meet them in an agile way onsite.

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