The Challenge:

To provide a flexible, coherent, supportive framework to provide the best possible training and subsequent skills to the client.

Classroom based learning is often expensive and time consuming, with attendee’s having to juggle their daytime tasks and routines to find time.

Additionally, on a typical training course the training material is generic, using data and demo material that often has little resonance with the attendee’s.

It is often reported that the sudden barrage of information is daunting, with attendee’s often having more questions once they begin to use Cognos in the workplace.

The Solution:

SWBI offer bespoke online training courses saving time and money. We tailor the course around the requirements of the client rather than offering a generic training course. Clients often have a wish list of what they would like to achieve and would like the training sessions to be based on their data, in order to provide this we prepare worked examples so that at the end of the course the client has useful reports and dashboards as well as the knowledge of how they were built.

We stagger the training days to fit in with the attendee’s working week. Follow up hours are also included so that extra support is required when a question arises from a new scenario. The feedback from our attendees’ has been excellent.

Fernando provided Cognos Report Training to the PMO team here at Travelex.

His knowledge and style are not only exceptional but his manner and support go above and beyond.  Without Fernando I personally would not have been able to deliver the targets I have been set for the Daptiv implementation here for the PMO.

It is really good to see that Changepoint has truly knowledgeable and professional consultants working for them.

Thanks Fernando for all of your help and support.

Natalie Johnson | Snr PMO | Travelex